Terms and Policies

Sweet and Saucy Shop’s Terms and Policies

**Prices and Policy subject to change without notice**

Cakes and mini desserts orders require a 50% deposit upon placement. Telephone orders must provide Credit/Debit card number for security deposits.

Online orders : When making an order online please make sure you get a confirmation email. If you do not receive a confirmation, please give us a call. Due to limited time constraints we may not always get back to your email to complete certain transactions with you. Also remember that you must put the deposit down on the orders so we can get your cake and/or other desserts started.

Once you have received the confirmation of your order and it has been approved by you or the responsible party placing the order, you are acknowledging that everything is correct as specified.

Edible images : If we are to put an edible image on a cake, cupcake, or cookie please have the picture in NO LATER than a week prior to your order pickup; anything beyond that might set back your order pick up time. All photos are printed as is; we do not generally Photoshop or edit pictures. We are not responsible for color changes of the image due to weather. Occasionally since this is a good item color changes occur & we will not refund for this.

Custom Cakes, Tier Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Anniversary Cakes, Special Event Cakes

Custom cake orders require a 50% deposit upon ordering.
Custom cakes should be ordered at least one week in advance. Last minute orders should call or come into see how we may help you.

Delivery for cakes is available for a fee.

●  All cakes are to be paid off 48 hours before scheduled delivery time.

●  If you are providing your own transportation please make sure you can transport your cake safely; once a cake leaves our bakery customers accept all responsibility for the transport of the cake to its location. We cannot give refunds if there is a mishap during transportation.

Changes to custom cakes must be done a week before scheduled pick up time.

Custom Cake cancellations should be done 1 week before scheduled pick up time; if the cakes are cancelled after that time frame there is a fee assessed. More specifically, for custom fondant cakes, certain elements are made up to a week in advance for drying purposes and if these are made those elements will not be refuneded.

• The reasoning behind this policy is because we must order ingredients or create components in advance (which is often done a week prior), in addition to labor that has already been expended in the preparation of any special order.

Fondant work

●  We try to customize your cake to the best of our ability to duplicate your intended design. We must often make adjustments to the design for reasons of stability and support of certain three dimensional elements to create a custom design.

●  Some leeway must be given to our decorators in the design decision as they create the custom elements and assemble the cake.

●  There will be some variation due to the handcrafted nature of cakes in general.

Custom Cakes

Colors : If we are doing a custom/special color for your cake YOU MUST provide a PHYSICAL COLOR SAMPLE to the bakery. We cannot guarantee a color match if you verbally explain a color or if you send in a picture of a color. Pictures of color swatches, cakes or dresses are not always true to color. So remember to bring in your COLOR SAMPLE when ordering.

Decorations and Toppers : If you are to provide any decoration, flower, material or topper for your cake please have it in 2 days before you pick up date (the

sooner the better). This way if more is needed or any adjustments have to be made to the designs there is time to notify and make the changes. If the topper is unstable, we will not attach it to the cake, it must be added on site. Please be sure to let us know that you are bringing in a topper for your order.

Return/Cancellation Policies

Once a cake has been picked up by you or a designated party it is considered “Accepted”. All products are the responsibility of the customer once it leaves our shop. Refunds requested due to decorating style, color shade or general decoration design will not be honored. We only give refunds in accordance with refund policies stated below.

If you need to postpone your cake for another date, we require at least one­week notice. With less notice, we can reschedule your order (depending on availability) however you may incur an extra charge to re­bake the cake/recreate the elements on the cake. If you’d like to change the flavor of your cake, we require 72 hours’ notice. 3D Cakes require at least one week’s notice if changes want to be made to the cake or to change the date.

Cake flavor and texture is subjective. Refunds requested due to flavor or texture after cake has been accepted and picked up will not be honored. You may qualify for a store credit if the product is brought back to us and the quality of the cake flavor or texture is determined not to meet our standards (Our cakes are taste tested daily to insure highest possible quality). Quality determination is solely at the discretion of Sweet and Saucy Shop. Our cakes are exceptionally moist. Keep in mind variety in temperature and humidity may impact the flavor, overall design, or texture of the cake to some degree. Please understand we cannot control changes in texture or changes in color or shape due to weather conditions. We never freeze our cakes, but they are refrigerated overnight for safe travel so please allow them to sit out at least 3-­4 hours before eating so they come to room temperature which is ideal for serving.

If you are unhappy with your order and/or purchase, immediately notify us (within 24 hours of pick up) of your concern & return the dessert to us & we will discuss refund options. ­­­

DEPOSITS ARE NON­REFUNDABLE. If you cancel a cake order before we have a chance to deliver it to you, there is NO Refund. If you pre­paid in full, or placed a partial deposit, you will NOT get a refund if you cancel your order before we have a chance to deliver it to you.

The following 3 scenarios are the only instances when we will provide a full refund:

1. If we fail to deliver your cake and/or desserts on the date and time stated on your contract for your wedding, or event. If we deliver the cake 2 hours late, or less we will NOT provide a refund. Further, if customer provides wrong date, time or address for delivery, we will NOT provide a refund. **We will not be responsible for any additional expenses that you incur as a result of our failure to deliver the cake. Our liability is limited to the contracted value of the cake.**

2. If you come to our store for “pick up” and the cake and/or desserts do not meet your expectations, we will give you a refund (minus 25% handling/cancellation fee). This refund will be in place of a check (NO CASH or CREDIT refunds will be given) NOTE: If we give you a refund, you CANNOT keep the cake. You only get the refund if you refuse to “accept” the cake. We will NOT negotiate a partial refund if you keep the cake. This is a “take it, or leave it” policy.

3. If we deliver the cake to you and the cake does not meet your expectations, we will give you a refund (minus 25% handling/cancellation fee). NOTE: If we give you a refund, you CANNOT keep the cake. You only get the refund if you do not “accept” the cake. If you request a refund at time of delivery, you MUST give us back the cake. We will NOT negotiate a partial refund if you keep the cake. This is a “take it, or leave it” policy. We are not responsible for any expense you may incur for replacing our cake.

That’s it. We do not give refunds under any other circumstances. Refunds are given within 7 days.

Thank you for your understanding of our refund and cancellation policies. ­Sweet and Saucy Shop­

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